Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Many people fall on hard times and rack up a great deal of credit card debt to pay for all sorts of necessities. We see so many great people that are simply unable to keep up with their bills. The great news is that you can completely eliminate, or greatly reduce, credit card debt through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The experienced bankruptcy lawyers at JRQ & Associates will thoroughly review your debt situation at a free bankruptcy consultation and provide a blueprint to eliminate your credit card debt.

What happens if I do not pay my credit card bills?

Simply put, you’ll be constantly harassed by creditors. First come the letters; next come the constant phone calls and overwhelming harassment (it never seems to stop); and eventually, the lawsuits start piling up. Once a judgment is obtained, a creditor will place a lien on your home, go after any assets you may have, and eventually, enter a wage garnishment against you. You don’t have to continue dealing with this situation! A Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop all of this immediately. Contact the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at JRQ & Associates to see how we can eliminate your credit card debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can eliminate credit card debt

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will immediately stop your creditors from collection activities and eliminate your credit card debt. It will also eliminate most of your other debt and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may greatly reduce credit card debt

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available for people that do not qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or for those that would benefit more from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You will pay back a portion of the credit card debt through a monthly repayment plan. The amount of credit card debt not paid during the Chapter 13 bankruptcy will be eliminated. Often times, you will only end up paying back pennies on the dollar of the debt that you owed.

Is there any credit card debt that will not be eliminated?

There can be situations in which the credit card debt will not be eliminated through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Again, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will review your entire financial history to determine if there are any issues. Some examples of this type of situation:

  • Luxury goods purchased within 90 days of your bankruptcy
  • Cash advances within 70 days of your bankruptcy
  • Credit obtained through fraud
  • Rarely, a credit card in which the lender took a security interest in some of your property

There’s simply no reason to continue dealing with the harassment and overwhelming debt. Bankruptcy will ease your mind by eliminating your credit card debt and allowing you to start fresh. Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers will review your financial situation and advise you of all of your options. Contact us today for a free bankruptcy consultation with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

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