Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Many people believe that filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an overwhelming process, but it’s quite the opposite. The immediate effect of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that an “automatic stay” is put in place to stop creditor harassment in the form of phone calls and letters, lawsuits, wage garnishments, freezing bank accounts, reporting of delinquencies to your credit bureau and more. The whole process usually only takes 3-6 months from start to finish. All of your debt being wiped out means that you can start rebuilding your credit history and score immediately after your bankruptcy!

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers can give you a fresh start by eliminating credit card debt, judgments, lawsuits, medical bills, payday loans, personal loans, utility bills, repossessions, wage deductions and more in as little as three to four months. While most debts are dischargeable, there are some debts, such as alimony, child support and student loans that are considered non-dischargeable. Our bankruptcy attorneys will help you determine whether a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you!

It is a common myth that you must give up your possessions if you file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Federal and State exemptions allow you, in most cases, to keep your car, house, IRA, pension, personal belongings, 401K and more. Meet with one of our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers to discuss all of your options.

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