Celebrities Who Have Filed Bankruptcy


Celebrities are just like anyone else, and companies owned by celebrities are no different than any others. Celebrities can face financial issues and bankruptcy just like anyone else. There are some major celebrities who have lost huge fortunes and have had to file bankruptcy. The celebrities listed below are just a small sample of the large number of people, famous or not, who have faced bankruptcy.

Abraham Lincoln

Henry Ford

Walt Disney

Michael Vick

Thomas Edison

M.C. Hammer

Burt Reynolds

Dionne Warwick

50 Cent

Jose Canseco

Donald Trump

Cyndi Lauper

Larry King

Toni Braxton

Gary Coleman

Wayne Newton

Marvin Gaye

Kim Basinger

Meat Loaf

Curt Schilling

Francis Ford Coppola

Mike Tyson

Michael Jackson

Willie Nelson

Stan Lee

Elton John

Gary Busey

Debbie Reynolds

Corey Haim

Wayne Newton

Mickey Rooney

Stephen Baldwin


Celebrities are no different than anyone else. The financial responsibilities that individuals must face in their day to day lives are highly complex and can be problematic for busy people to keep with or even understand. Unexpected turnarounds in business fortunes or financial surprises in personal finances can quickly bring individuals into bankruptcy.

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