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Family law is a broad area of law that covers difficult topics such as divorce, to joyful topics such as adoption and marriage. Our attorneys can ease the difficulty in obtaining a divorce and the resulting negotiations regarding property and marital assets, as well as child custody. We can also help in dealing with adoption, wills, trusts, and related estate planning issues.


 Our services include:

  • Divorce and related issues:

    • Premarital Agreements

    • Support Negotiations

    • Property Division

    • Joint Parenting Agreements

    • Child and Spousal Support

    • Child Custody

    • Visitation

    • Non-Minor Support

  • Adoption, including co-parent and second parent adoption. 

  • Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts

  • Civil Unions: Although civil unions are treated the same as marriage in Illinois, it can come with some unique legal implications.  A free consultation with an experienced family law attorney at our firm is highly recommended. ​


Please contact us to find out more information about the specific areas of family law we handle.  Our experienced family law attorneys offer free consultations and are always available to guide you through the entire process.  

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Chicago Family Law Attorneys Free Consultation