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Are you faced with overwhelming debt and high interest rates? Faced with creditor harassment, lawsuits, or wage garnishments? Medical bills piling up? Bankruptcy will help with virtually any debt situation. Stop letting debt crush your life and build a better future while keeping your assets. Exercise your constitutional right to eliminate debt and get back on your feet.


Now we all know that law is about as exciting as watching paint dry, so you should call us at 312.561.5063 if reading on is a deal breaker. We get it. The call is free; a consultation is free; and, the information you'll obtain will help you make an educated decision about your options. Alright, for those still reading, here are some great things bankruptcy can do for you:


  • Bills, bills, bills. Throw them away because you won't need them once you file bankruptcy.


  • Stop screening phone calls like you're avoiding a crazy ex. Creditors must stop contacting you immediately.



  • Court is not quite as intriguing as Ally McBeal or Law & Order. Stop all lawsuits and avoid court.


  • Heat and electricity are good things. Get your utilities back on if they have been turned off.




  • Something else? Try us. Bankruptcy will likely help with that as well.  


Look, treading water is great exercise if you're swimming, but it's not quite as effective if we're talking bills. Wouldn't you rather be stressing about insignificant things like your favorite TV show instead of how you're going to pay your bills? Stop the madness. Start saving again. Start sleeping again. Pull that credit score out of the gutter (Yes, bankruptcy really can help your credit score when you come out of it). Take control of your life and build a better future. 


Congratulations if you made it this far. Your reward is $150.00 off for enduring an ad about bankruptcy law. It may truly be the answer to unlocking a prosperous future. So call us at 312.561.5063 to talk about options; or, just to talk. We're smart. We're experienced.  We work hard. We're moderately interesting (Disclaimer: Conclusion of whether we're interesting drawn from random, sample polling of our mothers as compared solely to other attorneys). In all seriousness, we love what we do and we love to help people. So again, call us. We'll take care of you. 


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**BAPCPA disclosure:  Our law firm is a debt relief agency as designated by Federal law.  We help people file for Bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy code**

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